It’s us! :D Yaaaaay!

Corn | Gum | Rhyth | Beat | photo

Oops. I meant to put this here. :T

(Photo by Benjamin Moon! He was so nice!!!!)

This is probably the best (and only) clean group shot of our Jet Set Radio costumes before the parade began; we got so hot, sweaty, and jumbled during the parade that we weren’t able to get any photos together once it was over! There is a plan to fix the bits that didn’t survive and re-wear these at Magfest for photography purposes, so…hold your breath until then :D

My husband is Corn, I’m Gum (Green striped sleeves), and you can check the above links for Beth/Rhyth and Ceratopian/Beat!

It was an amazing amount of fun to wear these. MAGICAL, even.

Also, for funsies, somebody got a picture of only our legs during the parade? I’ve lost the photo credit, please let me know if you recognize it/took said photo:

Haha, remember that it was so hot and it took so much out that we were already damp by the time we got to the staging grounds? D8 But it was mad fun. 8D

Yes! Can’t wait for Magfest and more GG’s! zhobot and thesilentnation should be joining us so yaaaaay! Moar friands. :>