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orosnake: OMG I totally forgot about these photos. ^^;;;; From Katsucon 2014! Space Unicorn by Parry Gripp & Brianne Drouhard Space Unicorn  → ceratopian Stella → neoqueenhoneybee Photo by Double Vision Photography I make Neo cosplay the most ridiculous things with me. <3

The rest of our ~actual~ FE pics. Haha I need to vary my expression more. Sometimes I think it would be easier if we could see what the photog sees. :d But I tried to hide behind my Lyn like Florina would. Protecting me from the Sains of the world! ;w; <3 Photos from TheBigTog Neoqueenhoneybee as […]

ceratopian: Florina armor basic cuts. Still need heat shaping, embellishing, coat, and paint. Dx The blue is the fabric I got for the bootcovers. It has a nice texture to it! Still a long way to go…

ceratopian: Ellicott is only a month away! Xp I really should stop procrastinating. Remade my Florina dress ‘cause the old one didn’t fit anymore. Made a mockup using old dress and cheap $1/yd fabric from Jomars. Should’ve widened the sleeves a bit too. :/ Serged all the edges. Sleeves are roll hemmed. :3 Easing sleeves […]