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[critical] “Who do you think I am?!” Nowi → ceratopian Photo by bethiichancosplay Mercer Museum Fire Emblem Shoot, Oct 2014 So I had this idea of using isis wings as “dragon wings” for sparring with Cherche and it came a day before the photoshoot. (Thank you, amazon prime!) I think I’m gonna squiggle-cut the hem of […]

Support photos I want with Nowi

ceratopian: envirion: w/Tharja: Handing over a bag of dragon toe nails (C rank) w/Tharja: Tharja comforting sad Nowi (A rank) w/Lon’qu: Playing house (A rank) w/Lon’qu: Spying on villagers (A-S rank) w/Libra: Tickle (B rank) w/Stahl: With Janaff (B rank) w/Stahl: The last panel of that Awkward Zombie comic w/Cherche: Sparring (B-A rank) w/Henry: With […]

krystleis: Some old Katsucon photos (that scienceeyes shot) that I’ve been meaning to retouch for months, but I still haven’t actually gotten around to it… Nah – MeCynthia – overtheflagpoleNowi – ceratopian krystleis makes the best daughter ever and her friends are awesome too!

Hi, I was wondering what you used to make the scale effect on the top for your Nowi cosplay. It looks really great! Thanks!

Hi there! I used large scale mail from theringlord.com in brushed gold and painted them with various shades of green nail polish. After I assembled them, I backed the scale mail with some dark green twill for comfort. :3 You can see some progress shots here: [x][x][x] Hope that explains it well enough. :d Thanks […]