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ceratopian: Nowi, Nowi, Nowi… Gloves are horrid, horrid things to make out of ravely knit fabric that frays to no end. In the end, I had to modify the pattern to be two-tone then heat seal every edge of the dark purple fabric with a flame… and there are still a few stragler frays. >___< […]

ceratopian: Some progress photos for Nowi. :3 Circlet made with sintra base & worbla scraps. Just need to coat and paint! Top made of large aluminum scales in brushed gold from theringlord, painted with nail polish. Still need to make the base top to anchor the scales and keep it from curling since I made […]

ceratopian: Color testing some scales for Nowi! I decided to go for a mix of the first two columns. Third column is a bit yellow and fourth looked super neon on my phone. :d The first column is actually the second column with a crackle topcoat. :3 Nice to have a little sparkle/texture. *w* Hahaa… […]

June & Song from Avatar: The Last Airbender for Katsucon Friday!Progress pics on facebook. We are excited to be part of a larger ATLA group this year. With Bethii as Toph, Erin as Katara, Dennis as Zuko, & the zhobot duo as Suki and Sokka. Neoqueenhoneybee will also be cosplaying Lina Inverse from Slayers and […]