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orosnake: OMG I totally forgot about these photos. ^^;;;; From Katsucon 2014! Space Unicorn by Parry Gripp & Brianne Drouhard Space Unicorn  → ceratopian Stella → neoqueenhoneybee Photo by Double Vision Photography I make Neo cosplay the most ridiculous things with me. <3

With bethiichancosplay already making strides on her Cloche mock up, looking at my Ar Tonelico contribution… Cocona looks pretty simple but she has a lot of parts! Dx And this doesn’t even include the wig/hair accessories/weapon planning… Ahh… I forgot the wristlets too. >__<;;

ceratopian: Furrre Errmblerrrm! The first of hall shots are popping up! Glad we got to wear this together though we’ll probably not do complicated costumes on Sunday again. (⌒_⌒;) Hopefully some pics from the gathering on Sunday will pop up too! Tharja by Neoqueenhoneybee Nowi by ceratopian Photo by A.C.V.Externall (top) and Vibol Phan (bottom)  Oops. […]