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envirion: I think I sewed the sleeves on wrong but it’s set now. :< Just need the red sleeve ribbons and done! Got started on the belt too. :3  Bringing this here.  Gotta finish for Ellicott City Photoshoot!

I was browsing the Grandia tag and came across your post about cosplaying Feena. In answer to your question about her hair accessories, I think they’re open to interpretation. I started playing Grandia years ago and have got the manga too and still don’t know how they work. I’m finishing off a Feena cosplay at the moment and am also trying to work out how to make them! Some people make them as ‘cones’, others make them flat. I think it’s whatever’s easier for you :)

Oh! Thank you for your insight! Glad to now know it’s one of those open-to-interpretation things. I just got some materials in for Feena and hope to be starting her soon. Hope your Feena cosplay goes awesome! -cera

It’s Neo’s turn! Neoqueenhoneybee as Leen, Ceratopian as Feena Since Neo cosplayed Wild Arms 5 for me, I’ll be cosplaying Grandia for her. Now I know how it feels to be a bit clueless about the source material. It’s weird!! Also, I’m super confused by those triangle things on Feena’s head. Are they cones? Are […]