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Support photos I want with Nowi

ceratopian: envirion: w/Tharja: Handing over a bag of dragon toe nails (C rank) w/Tharja: Tharja comforting sad Nowi (A rank) w/Lon’qu: Playing house (A rank) w/Lon’qu: Spying on villagers (A-S rank) w/Libra: Tickle (B rank) w/Stahl: With Janaff (B rank) w/Stahl: The last panel of that Awkward Zombie comic w/Cherche: Sparring (B-A rank) w/Henry: With […]

Cartridge Pleats/Elizabethan Ruffs

These are the tutorials I’ll be referencing for that ruffle shawl. Creating Cartridge Pleats via thecuttingclass Elizabethan Ruffs via The Renaissance Tailor Easy Elizabethan Ruffle The ruffle shawl will be a bit… interesting to work on because the length of the ruffle gradually changes. Haha, I really didn’t leave myself enough time for this.

Sometimes, cosplay can be discouraging. I know it’s not about the “likes” or popularity but it’d be nice to get acknowledgement of the hard work.  Friends say nice things and I’m glad but there’s that doubt that their views are biased.  idk. It’s not important. It’s just that I stressed over things too much and […]

Ellicott maybe over but that doesn’t mean I should slack off! There are still a few things I’d like to redo for Florina before marking her as complete: gloves, pouch, spearhead, hair accessories Finish off Feena: wig, hair accessories, pendant, pouch, shoes, (optional) bag/whip Lots left for Natsume: finish zipper on dress, collar, wig, wings, […]

Super glad I was still able to go to Ellicott City though I wasn’t feeling the best. So glad to see dear-mo again. <3 Many thanks to TheBigTog for photographing us in Lyn/Florina and for Emilie and Katsuya for organizing the event. It’s a wonderful location, smoothly run event, and I hope to attend again! Hopefully […]

Fabric store road trip was fairly successful!  At the first store, I got a 1.5yd of hot pink jersey for Feena skirt redo, 1.5 yds of weird textured blue fabric with slight 2 way stretch for Florina bootcovers, 5 yds of nice white cotton sateen for who knows what (can’t pass up cotton sateen), and […]