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The rest of our ~actual~ FE pics. Haha I need to vary my expression more. Sometimes I think it would be easier if we could see what the photog sees. :d But I tried to hide behind my Lyn like Florina would. Protecting me from the Sains of the world! ;w; <3 Photos from TheBigTog Neoqueenhoneybee as […]

Ellicott maybe over but that doesn’t mean I should slack off! There are still a few things I’d like to redo for Florina before marking her as complete: gloves, pouch, spearhead, hair accessories Finish off Feena: wig, hair accessories, pendant, pouch, shoes, (optional) bag/whip Lots left for Natsume: finish zipper on dress, collar, wig, wings, […]

Super glad I was still able to go to Ellicott City though I wasn’t feeling the best. So glad to see dear-mo again. <3 Many thanks to TheBigTog for photographing us in Lyn/Florina and for Emilie and Katsuya for organizing the event. It’s a wonderful location, smoothly run event, and I hope to attend again! Hopefully […]