Support photos I want with Nowi



w/Tharja: Handing over a bag of dragon toe nails (C rank)

w/Tharja: Tharja comforting sad Nowi (A rank)

w/Lon’qu: Playing house (A rank)

w/Lon’qu: Spying on villagers (A-S rank)

w/Libra: Tickle (B rank)

w/Stahl: With Janaff (B rank)

w/Stahl: The last panel of that Awkward Zombie comic

w/Cherche: Sparring (B-A rank)

w/Henry: With manakete illusion (A rank)

w/Nah: Making flower necklaces (C rank)

w/Nah: ‘Only use dragonstone during actual battle’ (B rank)

w/Tiki: Manaketes!

For reference

Bolded the photos to look forward to from the amazing Mercer Museum Fire Emblem shoot on Sunday. >:}

I can’t believe I forgot the flowers for the Nah photos AGAIN. Dx SOMEDAY. BUT we did find a children’s room where I played with cawrasu as Nah! :D

Also: SEEKING STAHL (I hear Colossalcon has a room with birds?) & TIKI (cape snuggles?) COSPLAYERS FOR FUN PHOTOS! (I’ll get my Libra from chimericfusionprotein next year yay!)