Instead of using the belt blank I bought from the tandy booth at awesomecon, decided to use my old belt I used for Florina after I found out the buckle can be swapped. It had some use marks so I stained it darker (briar brown) and sealed it.

Gonna use these old spools for Florina’s hair things. :3

Did a quick dye/tint (~1min) using rit liquid dye in teal and bright yellow to try to get that greenish tint for Feena’s hair things/pouch/shoe collars. Using leftover beige cotton duck I used for Ms. Blossom’s apron and it actually came out too green. Put it through the wash with a bit of bleach and I think it’s ok now…

dear-mo tells me to focus on Fire Emblem so that’s what I’ll do!

So changed the second cos from Feena to Natsume if done (not really likely) or chibi!bon ondori!Kanna from Sakura Wars ED that I already have finished but never wore. :3