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I reorganized my tags and made a link on main tumblr for easy reference. :3 And decided to upload my wishlist while I’m at it.  Most of those will never get made but I like to look at them and think “it’d be nice to have a cosplay of that…” :p I probably won’t be […]

Cosplay Wishlist Ar Tonelico Misha – child form standard Ar Tonelico Shurelia – summer breeze Ar Tonelico Shurelia – standard Ar Tonelico Shurelia – linkage Senki Zesshou Symphogear Yukine Chris Neon Genesis Evangelion Moe!Sahaquiel Tales of Xillia Elize Pokemon X/Y Valerie Samurai Champloo Fuu (with thewhalebaby)

Cosplay Wishlist Fire Emblem: Awakening Nowi Bride Fire Emblem: Awakening Nowi Mage Fire Emblem: Awakening Nowi Wyvern Rider Fire Emblem: Awakening Cordelia (for Neo’s Panne) Fire Emblem: Awakening Lon’qu Soul Calibur V Seong Mina Under the Dog Anthea Valvrave Akira (season 2 casual) Galactic dress Saturn [pixiv fanart] Macross Frontier Lovely Bomber Klan

Cosplay Wishlist X/1999 Satsuki BEAST plugsuit .hack//G.U. AIDA Atoli SMT: Digital Devil Saga Gale SMT IV Isabeau Panzer Dragoon Oorta Oorta Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Handmaiden (with corelliaorbust as Visas) Starship Trooper Invasion Trig Starship Trooper Invasion Trig Armor Knights of Sidonia Izana Invasion America David Carter

Cosplay Wishlist Amano artwork Saint Seiya Andromeda Shun by CLAMP GothicMade Toriharon Five Star Stories Ssizz Five Star Stories Machi Shunya art Kamigami no Asobi Akira Blade & Soul art Magna Carta 2 Crocell Monster Hunter Rajang blade

Cosplay wishlist Mass Effect 2 My Shep’s armor Valkyria Chronicles 3 Imca Monster The monster  20th Century Boys Sadakiyo Starcraft Queen of Blades Fallout 3 Chinese Stealth armor XCOM: Enemy Unknown Skeleton armor XCOM: Enemy Unknown Archangel armor Transformers Prime Soundwave fanart by xshiraminex Transformers Prime Airachnia fanart by xshiraminex

Cosplay Wishlist Lee Jung Hyun Bakkwo performance outfit Woochi: The Taoist Wizard Jeon Woochi T.M. Revolution Aoi Hekireki PV outfit T.M. Revolution Summer Crush x Zeus outfit Stargate SG-1 Wormhole X-treme uniform

orosnake: OMG I totally forgot about these photos. ^^;;;; From Katsucon 2014! Space Unicorn by Parry Gripp & Brianne Drouhard Space Unicorn  → ceratopian Stella → neoqueenhoneybee Photo by Double Vision Photography I make Neo cosplay the most ridiculous things with me. <3