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krystleis: Some old Katsucon photos (that scienceeyes shot) that I’ve been meaning to retouch for months, but I still haven’t actually gotten around to it… Nah – MeCynthia – overtheflagpoleNowi – ceratopian krystleis makes the best daughter ever and her friends are awesome too!

Cartridge Pleats/Elizabethan Ruffs

These are the tutorials I’ll be referencing for that ruffle shawl. Creating Cartridge Pleats via thecuttingclass Elizabethan Ruffs via The Renaissance Tailor Easy Elizabethan Ruffle The ruffle shawl will be a bit… interesting to work on because the length of the ruffle gradually changes. Haha, I really didn’t leave myself enough time for this.

sukima-hime reblogged your photoset and added: We need to find a con that we can both do Florina. Florinaception! OAO OMG Yessssss~ It’d be really nice to see you again too! ;w;/